Powered By Touch provides a professional cuddle therapy  in London, UK.
Offering pure, nurturing platonic touch in a safe, non-judgmental environment where you will be respected for exactly who you are.  

Cuddle Therapy is for people who are... 
Touch Deprived 
Experienced Trauma or a Divorce. 
Feeling Lonely, Overworked, Unloved or Under Appreciated.

Touch is medicine..
Have you cuddled today?


Finding a Deeper Meaning Through The Power of  a Healing Touch. 

The Lack of physical touch is a challenge that many of us are struggling with daily. Humans thrive off positive touch; any feelings of distress or loneliness you're experiencing in its absence are completely valid. you're not alone. The fast paced daily life has caused many of us emotional, physical, psychological distress. The most effective investment you can make is to attain new methods of relieving negative emotions and fostering positivity by finding ways to care for your mental and emotional wellness is crucial part of your long term happiness. If you or a loved one feel isolated or overwhelmed by negative emotion, don't do it alone. Powered By Touch provides personalized support and guidance for overcoming mental health obstacles and building deep-rooted confidence in your daily life. The goal is to treat you like family. 

Let's explore the power of healing touch together. 


“I had a wonderful cuddling experience with Rawzé and highly recommend this service. Rawzé is professional, easy to talk with and has an amazing calm about her. It was an amazing session that left me feeling relaxed, renewed and connected to life.”

Mark. 47